Howdy lovissss !! I think many of my fitness posts are mostly about bumbum ... legs ... bumbum legs ... haha ... can not help but thats maybe many women's passion no. One at the gym, I Always prefer to ignore cardio with Those boring machines and go straight to work on my legs: P 

Besides from doing front squat, deadlift, back kick and so on...I like to include glute press down (push-up / dip machine) ... One of my favorite ... so much fun and it burns!

Starting from next week ... I will stop for a while with doing high rep. x3  with Sami weight ... Instead, I will start to put more weight with very low rope. See if I can get less bored at gym :)





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Summertime and pool parties are around the corner, Which Means more training and diet are needed and ofc can not leave behind my supplements neither. Always bring BCAAs with me to boost endurance During the workout. I'm drinking so tasty Femino (sparkly pink berry) from Femimal (ship to Sweden) that Launched last year. If you live in EU you can find this on Gymsector (many supplements brands available). 


So yesterday I had leg day, I did:

Smith machine squats: 20kg 10x4

Deadlift: 35kg 10x4

Glute press down (push-up / dip machine): 50kg 15x4 

Cable kickback: 14kg 15x3

Cable sidekick: 14kg 15x3

Smith machine leg press: 20kg 10x3

Hip adductor: 23kg 10x3



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Hello there, today's training was pure burn on the butt and it's my favorite bumbum/rumpa/peppu day. If you don't have a gym like me, you can workout using simple things like broom, wet sand bags (heavier)'s all about creativity. I have soooo poor stamina now...little workout already make me feel weak.


                                                                                                                  Front squats


- Jumping squats (0kg) 15x3

- Lunges (0kg) 10x3

- Front and back squats (15ish kg each side) 10x3

- Deadlift (15ish kg each side) 10x3

- Sumo squats (15ish kg) 10x3

- kick back (4lbs) 10x3

- Donkey kick cross over (2lbs) 10x3




                                                                        Nike fuelband (HERE) / Weight lifting gloves from We love wax




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Good morning people!! I've been promising my friends that I would write a post about my Hulk green juice but I kept postponing...and now here it is my very very simple recipe...don't be scared it doesn't taste as bad as it looks (try and you tell me how is it) :). I used to not eat much vegetables, for me it was a hate relationship with them haha...but then about 1.8 years ago I started this green juice thing...everything has changed since then, I started to eat some vegetables (mom was happy) and I quit alcohol (no more hangover) :), thanks to the Brazilian fitness celebs on Instagram that made me discover good things. From time to time I switch green juice to green tea or Açaí/Blueberries/banana smoothie... that's pretty much it of what I usually drink, I'm a kind of person who can eat same food everyday for weeks haha


What's in my Hulk:

- Spinach

- 1 Kale

- 1 apple

- 1 slice of pineapple

- 1 small piece of ginger

- 1 tsp of chia seeds

- 1 tbs of flex seeds

- Water



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